Reviews for Second Chance

“Alex Benedict is the rarest of creatures. A medical professional with conscience. A wonderful read if you are not checking into a hospital anytime soon, otherwise it might be prudent to wait until you are home!” -Rosemary Smith, NetGalley

“What a thriller! I could not put this book down once I started reading. Very believable characters that the reader can relate to their own lives. The villians are numerous and sinister. The good guys are loveable and smart. Hopefully this is not the last we have heard of Alex Benedict. –Cindy Musslewhite, NetGalley

“The combination of action and suspense make a book a good read. Add in just the right measure of romance and emotion, fold in a bit of mystery and work becomes a really good read. It is no wonder why David Perry has a national best seller in his book Second Chance…This is a great book to read during the holidays or on your next trip. National Best Sellers also make great gifts! If you have any book worms on your list this is a great way to make sure to get them something that they’ll love!” –Maggie Franz, Net Galley

“A very exciting read…a real page turner!” – Douglas Howell, NetGalley

“…This book moved really fast! It was fast-paced and kept me awake all night long. The medical and pharmaceutical knowledge in this book is top-notch. Perry does a great job…” -Theresa Nelson

Reviews for The Cyclops Conspiracy

“…a pharmacist’s death turns into an adventure of international proportions in this fast-paced thriller by new author David Perry…The Cyclops Conspiracy features a well-crafted plot, skillfully written action scenes, and credible characters. Perry unravels the storyline with increasing speed…[his] descriptions are detailed and evocative…Perry quickly builds–and deftly sustains–a momentum that will have readers engrossed in this page-turner.” -ForeWord Clarion Reviews

“I am an aficionado of a good conspiracy…I found one here in The Cyclops Conspiracy. David Perry has written a fast-moving, engrossing book….Action is fast and riveting…” –Paul Lane, NetGalley

“…a top-notch thriller that you won’t want to put down!” –David Compton, best-selling author of Executive Sanction

“The Cyclops Conspiracy…ramps up the pace revealing a new twist and a new turn by the page. I will be adding him to my must read list.” –Alan Williams, GoodReads and NetGalley

“…Perry does an excellent job at character development for our protagonists as well as our antagonists, the assassins you’ll love to hate…In addition to the tension provided by the main storyline, there is additional tension provided by the strained relationship between Jason and Christine…gives an extra zing to already interesting story…there are so many lovely twists and turns…kept thinking of Robert Ludlum novels…I couldn’t put it down at night until I started seeing double. If you like political conspiracy thrillers, then check this one out!” –Popcorn Reads

“A prescription for excitement.” –Virginia Gazette