David’s Biography

Born in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, David lived in several area cities before moving north to Londonderry, New Hampshire where he attended the prestigious Pinkerton Academy in Derry. The same high school attended by astronaut Alan B. Shephard. During these years, he developed and nurtured his love for reading, academics and sports.

He studied at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, situated in the heart of urban Boston. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious colleges of pharmacy in the United States. While pursuing his degree, he spent two years as the Editor-in-chief of The Dispenser, the college’s student newspaper. He became a member of the Phi Delta Chi professional pharmacy fraternity.

With his diploma in hand, David left harsh winters of New England and trekked south for the warmer climes of the mid-Atlantic and the Tidewater region of southeastern Virginia, eventually settling in Yorktown where independence was won from the British.

He began his career as a hospital pharmacist working in community and teaching hospitals. He served as a clinical pharmacist working closely with doctors, nurses and hospital administrators ensuring efficient and appropriate use of medications. In 1995, he shifted gears and moved to community pharmacy. He is currently the manager of a pharmacy department in Newport News, Virginia.

David began his first manuscript, Significant Deviation, about fifteen years ago. He completed the first draft. At that point, he married and started a family. With life and family issues demanding his attention, the manuscript, like a jilted lover, was relegated to the bottom drawer of his filing cabinet where it sat until 2006.

One day as he cleaned out his office, he found the dog-earred manuscript and decided to finally fulfill his dream of becoming a published author. Thus work began work on The Cyclops Conspiracy. The Cyclops Conspiracy reached national best-seller status a month after being released in February 2012.

David’s first manuscript, Significant Deviation, renamed Second Chance, was released in November 2013.

The Cyclops Revenge is David’s third novel and the sequel to The Cyclops Conspiracy. David is currently hard at work on the next book in the Cyclops series, The Cyclops Reprisal. The fourth and final book in the series is entitled The Cyclops Holocaust.

When he is not writing, he enjoys reading, photography and traveling with his wife, Anne.
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