David Perry’s Thrillers: A Prescription for Excitement

David Perry’s Thrillers: A prescription for excitement

David Perry’s writes suspense-filled, medical/pharmacy thrillers, giving his readers a glimpse behind the counter into the world of pharmacy and pharmacists. His bestselling works feature intriguing protagonists placed in harrowing plots. The fast-paced, page-turning yarns provide for sleepless nights and non-stop action.

His First Thriller

Jason Rodgers

Jason Rodgers, the protagonist in Perry’s debut novel The Cyclops Conspiracy, stunned readers as he traverses a minefield of treachery and suspense. Rodgers and his former love, Christine Pettigrew, investigate what they think is a potential insurance scam after the death of her father and Rodger’s former mentor, Thomas. As they delve deeper, it becomes apparent they have stumbled into a wider, more ominous plot with devastating worldwide implications.

The Cyclops Revenge…the newest thriller…

In his latest novel, The Cyclops Revenge, Jason Rodgers returns and is thrust back into the crosshairs of the deadly and spiteful matriarch of a secret organization. Delilah Hussein has her sights set on completing the task of bring America to its knees while exacting revenge on the unsuspecting Rodgers. Revenge is probably Perry’s best work to date. He has two more novels planned in the Cyclops series: The Cyclops Reprisal and The Cyclops Holocaust

His Latest Thriller

Pulling From Experience

Perry pulls from his decades of experience working with doctors, nurses and patients. As a result, he creates unforgettable characters and stories spiced with a ring of truth. ForeWord Clarion says of his work” “His plot, characters, and descriptions, as well as his choreography of action scenes are intricate, strong, and clear. Perry quickly builds—and deftly sustains—a momentum that will have readers engrossed in this page-turner.”

Alex Benedict

In Second Chance, Perry introduces us to Alex Benedict. A hospital pharmacist who is about to experience a life-altering event. As he assists in a code blue inside Tidewater Regional Medical Center, Benedict discovers a problem. A problem that would send daggers of fear through any pharmacist. His subsequent inquiry reveals another deadly and sinister endeavor afoot.A Hospital Thriller

Has Seen It All

Perry has seen it all as a pharmacist. Pharmacist Perry has counseled thousands of patients. Patients with diseases ranging from terminal cancer or HIV or simply dealing with a sick child, Perry brings a full inventory of knowledge and empathy to his writing. Most of all, he infuses his writing with pathos and intrigue. A corner druggist-turned-author. Subsequently, his work truly entertains.

Since embarking on his writing career, Perry has enjoyed a wide appeal. His stories are set in the working class area of Virginia known as Hampton Roads, bringing to life the industrious inhabitants who toil at the shipyard, in the numerous military installations and hospitals.

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