The Extern

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In his final year of school, Pharmacy student Jason Rodgers craves an important externship with one of the most prestigious training sites in Virginia, The Colonial Pharmacy. If he can win a spot, a successful future is almost guaranteed. He sits with the owner of The Colonial and his potential preceptor, Thomas Pettigrew. Pettigrew, an influential pharmacist and intimidating figure, batters him with rapid-fire questions, probing for weakness and uncertainty in the future druggist. Flustered, Rodgers struggles during his interview and fears he will not be invited to take one of the eight slots. He encounters a brash, confident young woman who offers him a crucial piece of information in exchange for something only Jason Rodgers can provide. Desperate, Rodgers accepts her offer and uses her information. After Rodgers wins a spot at The Colonial, an intense love affair ensues and along with it a promising, lucrative future for the young couple. But, unbeknownst to the anyone at The Colonial, two men with subversive and untoward intent watch the pharmacy and its employees. In the coming weeks and months, their surveillance and pending plot will impact Jason Rodgers’s fate and that of the woman he loves. It will fatefully and tragically alter the course of his career and their relationship. In The Extern, the captivating prequel to The Cyclops Conspiracy and The Cyclops Revenge, master storyteller, David Perry introduces us to Jason Rodgers thirteen years before the fateful events unveiled in his bestselling and thrilling Cyclops series of novels. Go back in time to see how it all began… Order your copy today wherever books are sold. This personally inscribed, softcover first editions will make a great gift or addition to your collection.

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