Read A Book Save A Life


We have seen our country and world come together to combat the spread of COVID-19. To say we were caught by surprise by this scourge is a gross understatement. The media has widely publicized the ongoing efforts being waged daily. And I would like to do my part…along with the help of my current and future readers.

As a pharmacist, I–and my pharmacy colleagues–have a unique perspective and ability to influence our patient’s health. We see them frequently, sometimes on a weekly basis. I am asked daily for advice on how to handle the spread, how folks can stay healthy and the best ways to treat common maladies. Our local, state and national communities are coming together to combat the pandemic like our fathers and grandfathers did early in the last century to fight two world wars.

In the past, your pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have worked long hours under stressful conditions to deliver your medications to you in a timely fashion. With COVID-19 crisis upon us, their workloads and stress levels are only increasing. Give your pharmacy staff enough time to get your prescriptions ready. Call your refills in two or three days early.

If you are sick, do not go into the pharmacy. Use the drive-thru, curb-side delivery, mail or other delivery services offered by your pharmacy. Help keep your pharmacists and technicians healthy by not exposing them unnecessarily.

Doctors, nurses, first responders…and pharmacists are battling this invisible enemy every day. Let’s keep all of them safe.

Beginning April 1, 2020, I am pledging to donate my royalties and net proceeds from the sales of all my books (that includes print, eBooks and audio books) across all platforms to the charity listed below.

Here are my estimated royalty donations:
eBooks: $2.50
Paperback: $3.00
Hardcover: $8.00
Audiobook: $2.00

If you purchase a print book through my website, use the coupon code Pharmacy50 and you will receive half off the cover price. I will pay for the shipping and, as stated above, I will donate on your behalf.

Let’s raise $2000. Every little bit helps. I will post the results of your generosity weekly on my David Perry Author page and on this website.

Thank you. Stay safe.