The Cyclops Conspiracy Characters

Jason Rodgers, pharmacist

Fate did not smile on Jason Rodgers at the beginning of his pharmacy career. He possesses a devastating secret and has lived with its anguished memory for more than a decade. The pain resides uncomfortably inside him like an inoperable tumor. But now fate seems to have tossed him a second chance. A chance to come clean, to right the wrongs he committed out of a deep love for the woman he abandoned all those years ago. The death of Jason’s mentor, Thomas Pettigrew, has led Jason back to the roots of his career and resurrected his painful torment.

At the funeral and viewings, he encounters for the first time in thirteen years his one true love, Christine Pettigrew, Thomas’s daughter. Christine invites Jason to stop by Thomas’s house for the post-funeral reception. Jason accepts, sensing a sliver of a chance to exorcise his demon. His story begins as he rings the bell. By doing so, Jason sets in motion a cascade of events which catapult him into a world of deceipt and manipulation placing him and Christine in an incomprehensible danger that stretches far beyond the environs of the Newport News, Virginia.

Christine Pettigrew, accountant, Thomas Pettigrew’s only child

Christine has never completely recovered from her crippling break-up with Jason and is haunted by unanswered questions. She has just buried her father who died unexpectedly and mysteriously when Jason shows up at the viewing. Christine shocked and stunned, surprises herself and invites Jason to stop by the post-funeral reception. When he does, Christine is torn between wanting to hurt the man that hurt her and finding answers to her questions.

Walter Waterhouse, private investigator

Waterhouse is a greedy, unclean private eye who holds haunting clues left behind by Thomas Pettigrew.

Peter Rodgers, gun shop owner

Peter, a gun shop owner, ex-marine and war hero, is Jason’s older brother and confidante. Jason turns to his older sibling for help when he learns his suspicions about Thomas’s death may in fact be real.

Lily Zanns, millionaire and owner of The Colonial Pharmacy

Lily purchased The Colonial Pharmacy from Thomas Pettigrew three years before our story begins, saving him from financial ruin and keeping him on her payroll as a pharmacist.

Jasmine Kader, physician

Lily’s illegitimate daughter, femme fatale and a key player in Zanns’s conspiracy.

Sam Fairing, pharmacist

Lily’s illegitimate son and also a part of her sinister team

Thomas Pettigrew, pharmacist

Thomas Pettigrew, founder of the Colonial Pharmacy, served as Jason Rodgers’s preceptor during his final year of pharmacy school, and ultimately hired Jason as a staff pharmacist after graduation. Jason was forced to leave The Colonial a year later under mysterious circumstances known by only Thomas and Jason. Thirteen years later, Thomas has perished in a violent car crash, bringing Jason back to the doorstep of his agonizing past. The suspicious, embarrassing circumstances surrounding Thomas’s death, inconsistent with the type of man he was, spurs Jason to search for answers. Jason eventually learns Thomas left behind a trail of disturbing clues.